IDDIS Café & Brasserie

IDDIS Café & Brasserie is open from 19 June! Here visitors can enjoy a delicious meal, a cup of coffee or other beverages in historical surroundings with modern facilities. Here you will find appetizing food with a local touch.

IDDIS Café & Brasserie will be managed by Christophe O. Samijn and Annelin Boman. They also manage the restaurant at Det Stavangerske Klubselskab, Huset i Kleivå, which has become one of Stavanger’s most popular dinner-party venues. Christophe O. Samijn, Annelin Boman and their culinary team are genuinely concerned that guests have as good an experience as possible.

Christophe O. Samijn and Annelin Boman. Photo: Line Owren.