Angus Watson

A Man and a Brand

20. Nov 2015 - 19. Aug 2019

Angus Watson built up one of the world’s largest brand names, «Skipper Sardines», in the years leading up to the First World War. Watson was the largest purchaser of Norwegian sardines, so much so that in the 1920s it was said that there were two types of cannery in Stavanger: those who sold to Watson, and those who didn’t. Many of the canneries who sold to Watson did well, as for example Chr. Bjelland & Co., Concord Canning Co., Standard Ltd. and Nilsen- Moe.

Watson’s success was founded on high quality goods and enormous advertising campaigns. Over seven years his business grew from three to 1,000 employees.

Watson had a lot of influence over prices in the Norwegian canning industry and his role was often discussed in Norway. Was it right that just one person could be so dominating?

Learn more about Angus Watson in the room with the boiler, and the four listening posts in the exhibition areas.